Tips Before You Update Your Home

We’re coming up to a new year…Finally! For many of us that means better changes, a revival of hope for the future, and goals. Before you cast out on making those needed updates on your home, consider why you are making upgrades in the first place.

Ask yourself a few questions before diving into your next project.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is the why? Are you doing this to improve an aspect on your family life or do you have hopes of increasing your home value?
  3. Do you have plans for selling and want the best value for your home?
  4. Do you plan on doing repairs/upgrades by yourself or will you hire a licensed professional?

Here’s another piece of advice. Take a look at your neighbors’ homes? Are you in a subdivision where the majority of homes have similar appearances or is every home on the block individualistic. If you are trying to improve your home value, see if you are missing key value components or is your house on the block the one with the most features?

As always, I am available for a free marketing consultation on your home value. I am not an interior designer or appraiser but I am happy to lead you to highly recommended pros if you are interested in getting reading for listing. Happy New Year and let’s make this one amazing.

Published by kinikiahulagirl

Dancer, Owner at DC Hippodrome Variety Show Ent., LLC, Realtor at, mother, wife, a student of life, learning to be a chef, animal lover, blogger, and boat enthusiast.

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