Local Hot Business Spotlight | Zumba Instructor Gina Baez

It’s another Local HOT Business Spotlight. I will be featuring performance artists and teaching online. Here is Gina Baez. She is a certified Zumba instructor in Joppa, MD. She has over five years of Zumba instruction experience and has a background in dance. In fact, we danced together at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, UMBC. It was great catching up with her and getting to dance with her again. Watch until the end for the free demo class. You can register for her classes at https://www.zumba.com/en-US/profile/g… Connect on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/belair.armory I am a Northern VA realtor here to connect with the local community. Because online instruction is so global now due to virtual learning, I thought it would be great to showcase Gina. And I can help anyone with their realty needs. If you are outside of VA, I can put you in touch with a reputable realtor in your area. http://clin.kw.com Also, check out my own dance classes https://moxie.xyz/fiestadancers https://outschool.com/teachers/cynthi… http://dchippodrome.org

Typically, I focus on small businesses and individuals in the Northern VA area because that is where I am based as a realtor. However, since our fellow performance artists, fitness instructors, etc. are so virtual based now, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase Gina. At any rate, many people in the DMV area do work interstately and travel throughout DC, VA, and MD for their local entertainments.

As a reminder, I am licensed in VA, but I can help anyone anywhere find a reputable realtor in their area through referral.


Stay tuned for a free Zumba demo!

Published by kinikiahulagirl

Dancer, Owner at DC Hippodrome Variety Show Ent., LLC, Realtor at clin.kw.com, mother, wife, a student of life, learning to be a chef, animal lover, blogger, and boat enthusiast.

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